Which Paint Finish Should I Choose?

At Bath Painters and Decorators, we know that selecting the right finish for your walls, ceiling and woodwork can be just as time-consuming and difficult as choosing a colour! Below is our guide to the most popular finishes available so that you can make an informed decision: 


  • MATT- This finish is most popular for walls and ceilings and provides a relatively flat surface that absorbs light rather than reflecting it. As a result, it is great for hiding minor imperfections. One drawback is that it’s lack of sheen makes it susceptible to scuffs and knocks. Most contemporary manufacturers provide a more durable or hard-wearing recipe in order to overcome this problem. <10% sheen. 


  • EGGSHELL- A low sheen finish that can be used on walls and woodwork. Similar to matt, it is commonly used to hide imperfections in the surface as it doesn’t reflect too much light. Common in modern properties as it provides a clean, consistent finish- particularly on woodwork. 12-20% sheen. 


  • SATIN- Often described as velvet-like in terms of its reflective quality, satin is a popular choice for walls and woodwork. It’s high sheen level compared to eggshell and matt makes it far more scuff resistant. This makes it perfect for high-traffic, communal areas such as hallways and staircases. 20-30% sheen.  


  • GLOSS- Traditionally used for woodwork, particularly in period properties, gloss paint provides the most durable finish. Commonly found coating skirting boards and low-level trim as it is far more scuff resistant than finishes with lower sheen levels. One downside is that undulations and imperfections in a surface can often be highlighted by the high level of light reflection that occurs. 70-90% sheen.” 


Hopefully this gives an insight into which sheen level may be best suited for your needs. If you do have any further questions we look forward to hearing them. CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE!

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