Our Colour Choices for 2023

Inspiration for colour choices in your home can be influenced by a number of online sources such as Pinterest or Instagram. Therefore, they are inevitably influenced by contemporary trends. So the question is, which trends will define 2023 and give your home a Pinterest worthy feel?

At Bath Painters and Decorators, we are encountering an onslaught of neutral tones. From Farrow and Ball’s Blackened to Dulux’s Wild Wonder, neutral tones are being used to create a warm and uncomplicated feel in contemporary and period properties. The quiet nature of these colours can certainly help to brighten up a space and keep it feeling open and airy. As a result, these are a great starting point for your next colour choices.

This trend of neutral colours is undoubtedly responsible for the popularity of feature walls in bolder colours in order to add a unique statement to an otherwise simple setting. Bold reds and deep blues are at the forefront of this trend. At Bath Painters and Decorators, we have recently applied Farrow and Ball’s Stiffkey Blue and Inchyra Blue in a number of different properties of varying ages as both make a strong case for being the most popular feature colour as we kick off 2023. Their dark and imposing nature can provide a striking feature on kitchen units, living room walls and front doors.

The final trend that we have noticed amongst our clients at Bath Painters and Decorators is the popularity of the bare plaster pallet. Colours such as Craig and Rose’s Dried Plaster and Dulux’s Fresh Plaster provide a natural and warm feeling that can be used across all surfaces in a room. The non- imposing nature of these tones means they can be used to lighten up a traditional property or add character to a more contemporary one. Certainly a trend to consider if you are looking for a unique and appealing finish.

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