Environmentally Friendly Painting

Modern day construction, in all its forms, must conform to both legislation and customer needs that rightfully demand an environmentally friendly approach. Painting and decorating in Bath is no exception to this.

In order to provide a painting and decorating service that is professional in terms of service and environmental responsibility, Bath Painters and Decorators have implemented a number of different protocols.

Re-using or donating waste paints– At Bath Painters and Decorators, we cover decorating works of all shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, not all paint manufacturers do the same! This means that smaller areas often require products that aren’t available in a suitable quantity. Disposing of excess paint is a wasteful and energy demanding process. In order to reduce our impact, we will always aim to find a productive use for excess painting products. This can mean leaving it with the customer should they require further maintenance in the future; it can mean safely storing the paint for upcoming works; or it can mean advertising left over paint online to someone looking to collect for free! Ultimately, as long as the paint is used, we are happy!

Appropriate waste management– Occasionally, it isn’t possible for us to find a suitable new purpose for excess materials. At Bath Painters and Decorators, we complete full fit-out and renovation works that can produce large quantities of waste materials. Damaged or tainted materials cannot be re-used. Therefore, they are carefully separated and recycled locally in order to minimise our contribution to landfill.

Promoting the use of natural paints– Those looking for painting and decorating have an enormous choice of finishes, colours, brands and products. Understanding the impact of these choices on the environment is hugely important. Advances in water-based technology mean that we can reduce the amount of oil-based paints being used. In addition, we aim to prioritise paints with low VOC levels to reduce the quantity of harmful toxins in our environment and our customers homes. Finally, at Bath Painters and Decorators, we are an advocate of clay based paints and have the specific skills needed to apply this oil-free, breathable and biodegradable paint.

Ultimately, the construction industry has a long way to go in order to reduce its impact on the environment. At Bath Painters and Decorators we are keen to minimise our impact and make small changes to improve our footprint where possible!

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